Fire Pit Rings

A fire pit is great for entertaining friends or relaxing after a long day. The pavers, bricks, and other materials used to create your fire pit can quickly begin to crack from extreme temperature fluctuations. A fire pit ring adds an extra layer of protection between the fire and the outer ring, allowing you to enjoy your fire pit without worrying about expensive repairs.

Benefits of Using a Fire Pit Ring

A fire pit ring protects the outer layer of your fire pit. It also creates a more polished look for your outdoor space. Here are some additional benefits of using a fire pit ring:

Improved Safety

A small fire can quickly become unmanageable. A fire pit ring can help prevent a dangerous situation by keeping the fire contained. As a fire burns, the logs can shift and sometimes roll away from the fire. Installing a fire pit ring keeps logs from making contact with nearby foliage and causing a devastating wildfire.

Take it Camping

A fire is a must for every camping trip. You use it for cooking, staying warm, and for protection. Taking a fire pit ring on your camping trip helps you create a dedicated space for your campfire. Clear grass and other plants from inside the ring and light a fire that keeps you warm and safe during your trip.

Extra Garden Space

As summer temperatures climb, your fire pit sits unused for months at a time. Filling the fire pit ring with soil gives you extra gardening space and allows you to use your outdoor space all year long.

Safely Enjoy Your Outdoor Space With a Fire Pit Ring

The last thing you want is for a small fire to get out of control and cause devastating damage in your community. A fire pit ring helps you control a fire. It also protects the brick or concrete pavers from cracking over time, keeping your fire pit in good shape.

Portland Rock sells fire pit rings in 31” or 44” to fit medium or large-size fire pits. Call (503) 656-7625 to place an order with our team.