Sealers and Cleaners

Pathways on your property could decompose due to heavy foot traffic or inclement weather. Portland Rock offers sealers and cleaners to stabilize your pathways and to cleanse away all types of contaminants.

SureBond 8700 Sealer can improve the look of older or new masonry. The durable seal prevents algae and mold growth. It also prevents weeds from growing in small spaces, which can cause hardscaping materials to crack. SureBond retains its original color over time, and will not yellow from exposure to direct sunlight.

Pathway stabilizer strengthens decomposed granite pathways and patios. When applied correctly, pathway stabilizer can help resist harsh weather, heavy foot traffic, and even the weight of automobiles.

Joint stabilizing sealer works in a couple of different ways. Applying it to surfaces creates a barrier against moisture, salt, and other harmful substances. You can also use it on top of poly sand to add an extra layer of protection. Joint stabilizing sealer is stain and mold resistant, preventing discoloration over time.

SureClean thoroughly cleans hardscaping without causing damage. Normal weather patterns and foot traffic cause dirt and grime to build up on walkways, stairs, and other hardscaping features. Stone and masonry gradually lose their natural color as a thick layer of grime forms. SureClean comes in a super-concentrated form. When used properly, one bottle can clean 6,500 square feet of hardscaping, revitalizing your outdoor space.

Efflo Off is a safer alternative to acid-based hardscaping cleaners. It works best for harsh contaminants like mineral deposits and efflorescence, which is difficult to remove. Efflo Off is a good choice for a variety of surfaces, including stone, concrete, and tile.

How to Build a Durable Decomposed Granite Path or Patio Using Pathway Stabilizer

Pathway stabilizer can help your decomposed granite pathway or patio withstand heavy foot traffic and seasonal rainfall without sustaining damage. Here is a guide for building a sturdy path that looks great and won’t erode over time.

Plan The Route

Before you place an order for decomposed granite with Portland Rock, create a clear plan for the path. Measure the dimensions of the path including the square footage from beginning to end. It will help you visualize the final product and ensure you have enough materials to finish within your timeframe.

Prepare the Space

A durable pathway isn’t installed on top of the existing grass. Instead, create an even area by digging at least 4 inches into the ground. Clear away any roots, stones, and other obstacles. Taking time to clear the space will give the pathway the drainage it needs to avoid water damage.

Install the Base Layer and Edges

Before laying down your pathway materials, you have to take measures to keep everything in place. Edging made from plastic, steel, or aluminum creates a secure barrier and defines the edges of the pathway. Landscape fabric, also known as weed barrier, provides edge-to-edge protection for the pathway. It prevents stubborn roots from growing and adds an extra layer to prevent erosion from natural rainfall.

Add Pathway Material

Pour a 2 – 3”  base layer of ¾ minus gravel and compact it.  Add 2” of decomposed granite on top. Don’t tamp it down right away. Instead, evenly add the pathway stabilizer. Give it time to seep through before you compact the pathway.

Apply a Final Layer

Once you compact the pathway, let it sit overnight. Add a final layer to create a durable seal. Now, you have a pathway to enjoy for years to come.

Portland Rock has everything you need to create beautiful hardscaping projects, including pathways. Call (503) 656-7625 to place an order with our team.