Gravels, Sand & River Rock

Gravel and river rock are common materials used in landscaping, construction, and gardening. These materials offer a range of benefits, and their uses are varied and versatile.
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Mason Sand

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Landscape Gravel

Gravel, also known as crushed stone, is a popular material used in landscaping and construction. It is made up of crushed rock that is usually between ¼” to 4” in size. Gravel is available in many colors, sizes, and shapes, making it an excellent material for various outdoor projects. One of the most common uses of gravel is as a base material for patios, walkways, and driveways. It is an excellent alternative to concrete and is much cheaper.

Bulk River Rock

River rock also plays a significant role in landscaping projects. It is a naturally occurring stone quarried from old river beds and other bodies of water. River rock is available in different sizes and shapes and comes in various shades of brown and gray. One of the most common uses of river rock is as a ground cover. It can be used in garden beds and borders or for weed suppression and retaining moisture in the soil. River rock can also create beautiful paths and walkways in a garden. These paths can be designed to wind through a garden and connect different parts of the landscape. In addition, river rock is a popular material for creating features in a garden, such as waterfalls, streams, and ponds.

Using Bulk River Rock in French Drains

River rock is also commonly used in French drains. French drains are used to redirect water away from an area by allowing it to pass through a perforated pipe and into a layer of gravel that acts as a filter.  Using bulk river rock for this purpose is functional and decorative.

Decorative Elements in Landscaping

Another widespread use for river rock and landscape gravel is as a decorative element in landscaping projects.

River Rock and Landscape Gravel Uses

  • Create visual interest in a garden by adding texture and contrast.
  • Create stunning rock gardens and add a natural feel to a garden.
  • As edging material around flower beds or paths, giving them a finished look.

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand and mason sand are commonly used in landscaping projects but serve different purposes.

Concrete sand is primarily used in the construction industry as a component in manufacturing concrete. It is also used as a base material for laying pavers and other hardscaping features in landscaping projects. It provides a stable foundation for these features and helps to prevent settling or shifting.

Mason Sand

Mason sand, on the other hand, is finer and more uniform in texture than concrete sand. It is often used as a bedding material for pavers or as a component in mortar for brick and stone construction. In landscaping, mason sand is often used for leveling, grading, and creating a smooth surface for laying turf, artificial grass, or underneath pools.

Using Sand as a Decorative Element in Landscaping

Both types of sand also are used as decorative elements in landscaping projects. For example, they can be used to create a sandpit for children, to fill in gaps between pavers or stepping stones, or to create a beach-like area around a swimming pool or water feature.

Gravel, sand, and river rock are versatile materials used for landscaping projects. Gravel is commonly used in construction and erosion control, while river rock is primarily used in landscaping, drainage, ponds, and garden projects. These materials can enhance the beauty of your outdoor space while also providing functionality. These materials’ versatility makes them appealing to homeowners and landscapers alike. Whether constructing a new patio or creating a beautiful rock garden, gravel and river rock are sure to play a role in the success of your landscaping project.

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