Saw Blades

The right saw blade can make all the difference when you need to cut hard materials like concrete, stone, or metal. A high-quality, durable blade can extend the life of your  angle grinder or demolition saw. 

Choosing the Right Blade for Your Project

When choosing a saw blade, you always want to consider a few things before making a purchase. Saw blades come in a variety of price points. The right blade can make all the difference when you’re cutting hard materials like concrete and stone.

Soft-Bonded Blades

Harder materials like quartz and schist need a soft-bonded blade. As the soft bond wears away, new diamonds make contact with the material, giving you a clean cut.

Hard-Bonded Blades

Softer materials like sandstone benefit from hard-bonded blades. The diamonds on a hard-bonded blade remain in place as they wear down. Hard-bonded blades are very durable. 

Safety Tips For Cutting Concrete With an Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are common tools for cutting hard materials like concrete. A successful project depends on safety. Here are some of our favorite safety types for cutting concrete with an angle grinder.

Always Wear PPE

Taking a few moments to put on necessary PPE will prevent serious injury. Avoid loose clothing that could get in the way. Wear safety goggles, gloves, and ear plugs. If you have long hair, never use an angle grinder without securely tying it back and out of the way.

Work in a Safe Space

Angle grinders create sparks as they cut and grind various surfaces. Before you start working, make sure you aren’t near anything flammable. The best option is to work outside whenever possible.

Prime the Angle Grinder

It’s not safe to switch on an angle grinder and start cutting. Give it a moment to warm up before you begin. While the angle grinder warms up, check for any signs of a safety hazard including strange noises or smells.

Choose the Correct Speed

Different blades work best at various speeds. Make sure you set your angle grinder to the right speed for the blade attached.

High-Quality Saw Blades from Portland Rock

Not every saw blade is right for your project. The right blade depends on the tools you plan to use and the materials you need to cut. Using the wrong blade could make your project take longer and could shorten the lifespan of your tools.

If you’re not sure which saw blade you need, reach out to Portland Rock. Fill out our online contact form or connect with us by calling (503) 656-7625.