Landscape Tool Rentals

Need a special tool for your landscape project? Portland Rock has everything you need. Rent a tool for just one day or up to a week. Renting equipment instead of buying it can save you a ton of money. If you only need a tool for one project, you can save hundreds by renting it for a few days or a week.

Lawn/Gravel Roller

A lawn roller helps flatten bumpy textures in a yard. It’s a great tool to use after seeding the area. Using a lawn roller helps the grass seeds to germinate without getting blown away by wind or other harsh weather. They are also a great tool for compacting small gravel to create a safe, even space.

Plate Compactor

The steel surface on a plate compactor flattens uneven surfaces with more force than a lawn roller. It’s good for evening out asphalt, gravel, and other materials. A plate compactor uses both vibration and pressure to remove negative space that causes an uneven texture.

Ball Cart

If your landscaping project involves moving heavy rocks around the property, you need a ball cart. It is essentially a large furniture dolly with oversized wheels that can handle approximately 800lbs.  Attempting to move rocks without a ball cart makes it difficult to place the rocks exactly where you want them. You could also end up injuring yourself.

Paver Splitter

Walkways, retaining walls, and other projects that require pavers need a little shaping in order to get the best result. A paver splitter allows you to cut pavers to the size you need to achieve the shape you want.

Complete Your Project With Equipment Rentals From Portland Rock

Using the correct equipment for your landscaping project helps you get the best results. You can complete the project safely and on-time when you have all the tools you need. Renting equipment instead of buying it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Portland Rock has a variety of well-maintained equipment to help you finish your landscaping projects. Reach out to our team by calling (503) 656-7625 or by completing the online contact form.