Steps & Slabs

We use steps and slabs to create custom walkways that allow you to utilize every part of your property. Stone steps create a safe way to access slopes and hills without interrupting the natural look of the landscape.

Types of Steps We Offer

We provide several different options for stone steps.

Stria steps have a non-slip surface with a 6-inch rise. The crisp lines give your walkway a unique feel that still looks like natural stone.

Dimensional steps are the perfect combination of rugged and sturdy. Each dimensional step has a 7-inch rise and a flat stepping surface. The edges are textured and rough, creating the perfect natural look from the front.

Irregular steps vary in size and shape, creating a walkway that feels like the stones appeared by magic. Irregular steps have a 7-inch rise and some in a variety of sizes. Choose a combination to create an organic appearance.

Concrete step blocks are a budget-friendly option for your outdoor space. They are commonly used in retaining walls. Our step blocks have a 6-inch rise. They are 16 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

Benefits of Installing Stone Steps


Natural stone can withstand years of foot traffic and harsh weather conditions with minimal wear. Sloped areas can easily fall victim to erosion, creating unsafe surfaces. Stone steps allow water to flow away from the area and avoid harmful erosion.


Stone steps are a great addition to areas that get a lot of foot traffic. The even rise and the non-slip texture allow you to move safely from one level to another. As long as you keep the steps clean, they won’t become slippery even in rainy seasons.

Boost Curb Appeal

Adding stone steps to your existing landscaping will boost curb appeal. If you decide to sell your home, improvements around your property like stone steps will increase the resale value. Stone steps are an investment that can offer benefits for years to come.