Retaining Wall Blocks & Caps

Retaining wall blocks are an essential landscaping material used to create attractive and functional walls.  Retaining wall blocks can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of landscaping projects. 
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Belvedere Wall

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Kodah Wall

$34.43 / Sq Ft
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Retaining wall blocks can be used to create terraced gardens, raised planters, and seating areas, providing additional functional and visually pleasing spaces. The variety of materials and colors available means that retaining wall blocks can complement any landscape design, from traditional to modern.

Retaining walls serve several purposes aside from aesthetics, including:

  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Managing water runoff
  • Creating level planting areas on steep slopes

Benefits of Installing Retaining Walls

  • Durability – Retaining wall blocks are designed to withstand the pressure and weight of the soil behind them, making them an ideal choice for building retaining walls. They are generally made of concrete and resistant to weathering and erosion, ensuring they will last many years without deteriorating.
  • Versatility – They can create various retaining wall styles, including curved, straight, and terraced walls. Depending on the landscaping needs, the blocks can be stacked to create different wall heights. Retaining wall blocks come in various colors and textures, allowing landscapers to create attractive, unique retaining walls that complement the surrounding landscape.
  • Easy to install – Retaining wall blocks do not require any special tools or skills, making them an ideal option for DIY landscapers. The blocks can be laid in various patterns and secured using adhesive or interlocking mechanisms.

Portland Rock & Landscape Supply carries blocks from multiple suppliers, including Keystone, Mutual Materials, and Castohn.  While we don’t have room to stock everything, we offer quick turnarounds on most orders.  Visit our showroom for great ideas and helpful advice for your next retaining wall project!